Burke NiteLife: maker p(ART)y

@ Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture


Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

4331 Memorial Way NE, Seattle

Friday, May 19, 6–8:30 PM, 5:30 PM for Burke Members

Celebrate things that people make from food to tools to art at our next NifeLife event, Maker p(ART)y, featuring ƛ’ix̌aq: animal skin—a live performance piece by Makah artist Aaron Parker and musician Chris Cunningham. This multi-media collaboration draws inspiration from Makah masks in the Burke's ethnology collection, using video, painting, and music to offer a unique glimpse into the threads that bind our natural, psychological, and spirit worlds.

You'll also be able to see real objects from the Burke’s collections and chat with experts about how makers and artists have used them to create throughout history and in modern times. Highlights include:

Highlights include:

  • Watch Hmong textile makers Zer Vue and Blia Xiong demonstrate traditional reverse applique techniques and see examples of this art form from the Burke’s collection
  • Compare adzes—wood-working tools that have been used for centuries—from throughout the world and across time and learn how they’re made
  • Carve your own mini-version of a traditional Alaskan paddle with Sven Haakanson, Curator of Native American Anthropology, and learn how he is reviving lost arts using objects in the collection
  • See ancient Peruvian clothing, fans and bags, as well as local 2000-year-old basketry fragments
  • Examine Japanese rice-cake molds and other objects that are used to prepare food

About ƛ’ix̌aq:animal skin: ƛ’ix̌aq, or “animal skin” in qwi·qwi·diččaq (commonly, the Makah Language) is a multi-sensory experience featuring the creation of a large format expressionist painting by Aaron Parker and a deeply moving soundscape composed by Chris Cunningham. Both the audioscape and painting will be created live and influenced directly by a short film, also produced by the artists, that explores a contemporary expression of traditional Makah transformation masks.

Drinks Admission includes two drink tickets. Valid photo ID required for alcoholic beverages.

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